How Do You Want Your 2020 To Be? If You Want To Create Your Breakthrough, Come And Join Me At...

Unleash Your Magic Season 2 (Miri)

Graduates from Unleash Your Magic (S1), 25 - 27 October 2019 

Do you still find yourself feeling stuck in life? Perhaps you have tried very hard to achieve success but instead of feeling happy, you feel frustrated and drained. Sometimes, you may also feel like you are running around in circles. 

One of the main reasons why you are feeling that way is because of inner blockages which prevent you from reaching the next level. You may know all the NLP techniques in the world, but if you have an inner blockage, you will encounter resistance when applying them. 

Are You Ready For A Transformation?

Unleash Your Magic: The Ultimate Transformation Program is a 3-day experiential learning program that takes you to the depths of your unconscious mind to make peace with your past and also reprogram your subconscious mind to become your success partner. 

You will experience the following:


Master your emotional states and do what you want, when you want


Reconnect deeply with your core values and find meaning in what you do


Turn your mind from an inner critic to a supportive partner for success


Identify and transform existing toxic programming into powerful new beliefs

Parti​cipants' Sharing

Justin Chan says:

I was feeling lost in life. I don't know where to go and also what the real problem in my life is. That has stopped me from trying to solve it.

But now, after Unleash Your Magic, I have gained a new perspective to seeing things. I now KNOW that I can control my life no matter what happens. This course has transformed the way I see emotion, my life and my experiences.

Debbie Yeo says:

In the past I can really handle my emotions. I always get distracted easily when people tell me something. And I'm not sure whether I could really pursue my dream.

Through Unleash Your Magic, I experienced relief and also discovered that I can actually control my own emotions. I now firmly believe that I can transform myself to the next level and best version of me. Everything seems easy now and this has motivated me to do something big and meaningful with my life. Life is beautiful.

Chris Tsen says:

My emotions used to control me. I didn't know how to resolve my past hurts and move on. I was constantly frustrated and kept going into a repetitive emotional roller coaster ride.


After Unleash Your Magic, I now understand myself deeply and have the tools and skills to transform into a better version of myself. I very nearly didn't join Unleash Your Magic because it isn't a money-making course like investment or business. But, I realised that after attending many money-making courses in the past and still getting stuck, it is time to take action to resolve the inner blockages in my life. 

Unleash Your Magic Season 2 is happening on

20 - 22 December 2019 (Friday to Sunday)

Fees: RM1,997 RM1,500 for existing NLP Graduates only

Venue: NLP Centre, Miri @ Pujut Sevenew

To register, simply send me an email at or

Whatsapp me at +6013-8404168

Payments can be made via online transfer to the following:

Hong Leong Bank

Bong Yew Tzuu

Account Number: 02700107548

Last day to register for Unleash Your Magic Season 2 is 8 December 2019, Sunday.