Free 3-Hour Course in Practical Psychology

How to Stop Procrastinating Now

Apply Practical Psychology Skills In Your Life To Achieve Your Goals For This Year Without The Need To Use Pain Or Force

15 February 2020 (Saturday) | 2:00 to 5:00pm | Imperial Palace Hotel, Miri


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Are you ready to discover how you can stop procrastinating using proven and practical psychology techniques? Watch this video to find out how!

Class taught by Luke Bong
The 1st Accredited NLP Trainer in East Malaysia by The Association for NLP, UK

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Why using pain or forcing yourself to do things you don't like is the worst way to stop procrastinating
  • How your mind is programmed via millions of years of human evolution to find the easiest route available (a.k.a lazy) and how you can turn it into your greatest ally
  • What the most successful achievers in the world both past and present all do to stay focused on their goals from start to finish
  • The right way to motivate yourself in any situation, especially when you don't feel like doing it. This is precisely why 1 size truly doesn't fit all
  • A super simple technique to program a new habit into your subconscious mind so that you can achieve the results you have always wanted but can't

Ever hear people say 'no pain, no gain'? Well, guess what? Turns out it is the #1 cause for procrastination. Would you let me show you a pain-free way to beating procrastination using proven psychology techniques that is not only easy to learn but to also apply

How to Stop Procrastinating Now

15 February 2020, Saturday
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Imperial Palace Hotel, Miri (Melinau Room)
RM350 (FREE - Only 9 seats 50 seats left)

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Is this suitable for me?

"I've tried many times before but each time I've failed."
"I have mood swings that affect how productive I am throughout the day."
"I always give up half-way."
"I feel like I'm sabotaging my life but I can't seem to stop it."
"The heart is willing but the flesh is weak."

"The deadline is tomorrow. Guess I'll just FB, Insta, Netflix, PUBG first."

Yes! We teach you the proven psychological methods to beat procrastination in this course!

You will take home from this course the most practical techniques that you can immediately apply in your life and start experiencing powerful changes that you have only dreamed of. 

Don't Just Take Our Word​​​​ For It

Khairul Amri
Trainer in Oil and Gas Industry

Ronia Fraser
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach

Balkizz Sulaiman
Social Media Marketer

Your Trainer

Luke Bong is the first person in East Malaysia to be awarded the title of Accredited NLP Trainer by The Association for NLP (ANLP), UK. Since 2010, he has helped thousands of people around the world to step out of their comfort zone and achieve breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. 

He has conducted workshops and seminars in 9 countries and also authored the book Entrepreneur DNA. His is also the host of The Emotional Freedom Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

Luke is passionate about teaching NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) because it has truly transformed his life ever since he dropped out of college in 1997. His mission is to share this powerful life-changing knowledge with the world and empower people to create the life of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've never learned psychology before. Will this course be too difficult for me to learn?

Luke goes out of the way to make this course so simple that anyone who understands basic English will be able to learn practical psychology from him. In short, you don't need any formal education background to learn practical psychology. 

2. I'm an expert procrastinator. Will this course really help me overcome that?

All the more you must come attend this course, then. To quote a line out of a Batman movie - "If not now, when?" If you are serious about overcoming your procrastination habit, like you really want a transformation and not just talk only, register yourself and come for this course. 

3. Do you have another date and time for this course?

Not currently because Luke's schedule is quite packed with conducting workshops and seminars both in Malaysia and abroad. We understand that sometimes the timing may not be right for you so if you could leave your name, email and contact number, we will update you when we next conduct this course. 

4. Is this going to be another one of those sales pitch seminars?

NO, of course not. We will offer you a program that you could decide to join if you wish to continue learning with Luke at the end of this course. During the course, Luke is fully committed to giving you practical ideas and strategies that you can immediately use in your life to beat procrastination.

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