Are You Sick And Tired of Procrastinating?

What is it that won't happen unless you act on your dream now?

Procrastination is not just the thief of time (sorry English teachers...),
it also robs you of your full potential, doesn't it?

Think about it. Where would you be now if you had not procrastinated on that important goal? What if you had taken action instead?

For each opportunity you procrastinate, isn't it true that you are preventing yourself from reaching your true potential?

So, when is... now... a good time to start?

Hi! I'm Luke Bong, East Malaysia's 1st Accredited NLP Trainer by The Association for NLP (ANLP, UK).

I want to personally invite you to attend my
Overcome Procrastination NOW! Seminar and start using the powerful skills of NLP to transform your life today.

Overcome Procrastination NOW!

15 September 2018, Saturday
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Grand Palace Hotel, Miri (Taipan Room)
RM650 (FREE - Only 60 seats available)

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What You Will Learn In This Seminar

1. How to stop being lazy without using pain or force

There are no lazy people. Just people with uninspiring goals. Discover how you can become charged up to just GO FOR IT!

2. Discover your ability to stay focus on a task

Your ability to overcome procrastination depends on your ability to stay focus. Learn a simple technique that will enable you to have laser-like focus.

3. The best way to motivate yourself in any situation

Do you know what motivates you best? And do you know how to keep yourself motivated in the long run? Discover what makes you ROCK!

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